A Finite-Difference Time-Domain (FDTD) Simulator
This simulation package, which implements the FDTD algorithm on a nonuniform mesh, is designed to run as a stand-alone program as well as in conjunction with DIFFRACT™. The interface with DIFFRACT™ makes it especially powerful for simulations that involve near-field interactions with subwavelength structures as well as propagation through complex optical systems. For example, in Optical Data Storage applications, Sim3D_Max enables the user to move beyond the limitations of DIFFRACT™ in resolving reflection from, or transmission through, nano-scale size objects such as grooves, pits, and bumps on an optical disk surface. Sim3D_Max™ can take as its input the vector field generated by DIFFRACT™ (fully propagated from the laser diode to the surface of the optical disk), and returns to DIFFRACT™ the back-reflected beam for further propagation in the return path, all the way to the photodetectors.

Sim3D_Max™ is a computationally intensive code that can run in parallel and take advantage of multiple processors in a multi-core, multi-cpu workstation or a network cluster of such workstations running Windows operating system. Sim3D_Max supports clusters of Windows™ NT,2000 and XP workstations as well as Microsoft™ Windows Compute Cluster Server based High Performance systems that use MS MPI™. In addition, Sim3D_Max™ is also available with the Acceleware™ hardware acceleration option that allows for a several fold improvement in the computation speed for desktop systems. The powerful interface to DIFFRACT™ notwithstanding, Sim3D_Max™ is a stand-alone simulation package, complete with its own integrated Graphical User Interface (GUI). All graphical and analysis functionality is carried out within this GUI environment. For examples of simulations by Sim3D_Max™, please see on-line publications "Interaction of Light with Subwavelength Structures," and "Transmission of Light Through Small Elliptical Apertures, Parts 1 and 2."

For pricing for the complete Sim3D_Max™ package (including a CD-ROM, 100-page manual, USB hardkey, and six weeks of free consulting and support services) contact NLCSTR.

Sim3D_Max™ User Manual | Sim3D_Max™ GUI
Sim3D_Max™ Demo

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