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New at NLCSTR:

Release of
SimuLase 3.0

• new materials
• interface to DFT
• 3D plotting...

Release of
SimuLase 2.0

• >ten times faster
• GPU enabled
• with free carrier absorption

NLCSTR in the News:

Disk laser from Marburg/Tucson cooperation achieves record 100 W output

Defects could account for LED droop�s temperature dependency


Nonlinear Control Strategies (NLCSTR) offers specialized consulting services to the semiconductor laser and photonics industry.

NLCSTR is a leader in transitioning leading edge research in semiconductor laser device modeling and computational photonics to end user applications.


Take the guesswork out of laser-design and -analysis.

SimuLase™ is the first software tool that allows a broad audience to take full advantage of the latest advances in semiconductor theory that have revolutionized device modeling over the past decade. It is the world's first and only software that fully eliminates the need to rely on fit-parameters and phenomenological laws (like the ABC-law for carrier losses) that used to put large error margins right at the start of device simulations. Instead, SimuLase's fully microscopic models allow to predict quantitatively correct the fundamental characteristics like absorption/gain- and PL-spectra or the carrier losses due to radiative and Auger processes.

The highly accurate, predictive and fit-parameter free nature of the approach allows for a fundamentally improved approach to design, analyze and optimize devices with:

a simple, fast and quantitatively predictive design of new devices,
a strong reduction of required design/growth/re-design iterations,
an unprecedented insight in the characteristics of new or existing devices,
a precise quality control using non-destructive testing.

See a description of typical real life examples of how SimuLase can be used to design and analyze, e.g., edge-emitting devices and VECSELs.

A free demo-version of SimuLase™ is available.

easy-to-use GUI to set up heterostructures, check level positions, mode confinement, reflection,...
edge-emitters, top-emitters, lasers, LEDs, V(E)CSELs, electroabsorption modulators, sensors/absorbers - if it is based on a heterostructure SimuLase™ is the modeling tool for it,
various material choices (AlGaAs, InGaAsP, GaInNAs, etc.),
variable structure design (SQW, MQW, SL, GRINSCH, ...),
multi-processor and GPU option included,
includes SimuLase_Designer™ for easy set-up and variation of the structure design,
educational version available at reduced price.
NLCSTR offers its expertise and unique modeling capabilities in consulting environments for questions like:

finding structures with optimized characteristics like wavelength, tunability, efficiency, threshold, etc.,
analysis of existing edge- or top- emitting devices,
development of VECSEL structures for specific wavelengths from design to actual device.

Please contact us for more information.

Whether you are working with integrated microsystems, meta-materials, optical storage devices, photonic devices or semiconductor lithography, you want a test and design process that offers the potential for first pass success. Plugging your design into the user-friendly GUI allows for easy modeling of sub-wavelengths structures in either 2D or 3D, saving both time and money prior to manufacture.

Sim3D_Max™ is designed to run as a stand-alone program as well as an easy interface with DIFFRACT™ Optical System Software. Powered by Acceleware™ to speed up work on a single CPU, Sim3D_Max™ is also fully scalable for unrestricted parallel processing in multi-processor systems.

Parallel implementation for multiprocessor systems and clusters.
Possible tenfold speed up with Acceleware™ hardware.
Compatibile with DIFFRACT™ software.
Non-uniform grids in 2D and 3D.
Dispersive, metal and dielectric material models.
PML, PEC, periodic and Floquet-Bloch boundary conditions.
Planewave, Gaussian, dipole, waveguide and userdefined sources.
User friendly GUI for set up and post processing.
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