Nonlinear Control Strategies Inc. (NLCST) was established as an S-Corporation in May 2000 with the goal of transitioning leading edge research in the general photonics area into commercial technology applications. The company leverages worldwide expertise in theory and computation in the fields of nonlinear optics, computational photonics, computational nanophotonics and semiconductor physics. The company enjoys close ties with leading edge research being carried out at the University of Arizona (Tucson, USA) and with the Philips University, Marburg, Germany.

One central product of NLCSTR is SimuLase™. This software package represent the culmination of major research efforts at Arizona and Marburg in the calculation of the optical properties of a broad class semiconductor quantum well structures, spanning the III-V, II-VI and other novel materials systems such as GaInNAs. The computation of these essential material properties has reached such a level of sophistication that they can now be used to a priori design devices like electroabsorption modulators, semiconductor amplifiers or laser systems from first principles without the need for ad hoc adjustable parameters. Leading semiconductor laser manufacturers that use SimuLase™ or results of SimuLase™ produced on a consulting basis include Coherent (USA), Osram OS (Germany), Princeton Optronics (USA), Lasertel (USA), Northrop Grumman (USA), Finisar (USA), Eblana Photonics (Ireland), Aurrion (USA), Dilas (USA) etc.

Another leading product of NLCSTR is a GUI-driven vector Maxwell solver Sim3D_Max™. This software is now being used by the world’s leading manufacturers of high density optical data storage devices (Philipps (Holland), Hitachi (Japan and USA), Canon (USA), Sony (Japan), Imation (Japan) etc. The software is designed as a stand alone product or can be used directly in conjunction with another leading optical software product DIFFRACT™, marketed by MMResearch™.

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